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2016-17 Rate Card
Resort open from May until late October
rates are per unit to max occupancy
bailey and lindsey
Unit type and description
Off Season
May-June 22
Sept 6-Oct 20
Peak Season
June 23-Sept 5
Junior Suite 2ppl
Inn-full kitchen, bath,queen bed,satellite tv/dvd/vcr,dining table,waterfront,balcony,internet
$125 per night
$750 per week

$169 per night
$925 per week
$200 boat&mtr
with week rental

Georgian 1 Bedroom Suite 3 ppl
Inn-full kitchen, bath, small queen bdrm, sleeper sofa,satellite tv/dvd/vcr,dining table,waterfront,deck,internet

$135 per night
$800 per week
$179 per night
$975 per week
$200 boat&mtr
with week rental
Blue Heron 1 Bedroom Suite 4 ppl
Inn-2 queens,kitchen,2 baths dining table,satellite tv/dvd/vcr,waterfront, balcony,internet
$165 per night
$975 per week
$249 per night
$1,225 per week
$200 boat&mtr
with week rental
Seguin,Rosseau, Grand Muskokan
2 Bdrm Suite
4 ppl
Inn-very large 2 bedroom,full kitchen, bath,sofa,woodstove,satellite tv/dvd/vcr,waterfront

$200 per night
$1,175 per week
$295 per night
$1,500 per week
$200 boat&mtr
with week rental
Deluxe 3 Bedroom Cottage 6 ppl
Private,waterfront,full kitchen, bath,
woodstove,bbq,canoe,satellite tv/dvd/vcr
dock,screened in porch
$295 per night
$1,400 per week
(Holiday Wkend
$350 per night)
$365 per night
$2,150 per week
$200 boat&mtr
with week rental
Super Deluxe 3 Bedrm Cottage 6 ppl
Private,waterfront,full kitchen, bath,
woodstove,bbq,canoe,satellite tv/dvd/vcr
dock,screen porch, deck,larger,newer

$325 per night
$1,525 per week
(Holiday Wkend
$375 per night)
$385 per night
$2,350 per week
$200 boat&mtr
with week rental
Super Deluxe 4 Bedrm Cottage 8 ppl
Private,waterfront,full kitchen, bath,
woodstove,bbq,canoe,satellite tv/dvd/vcr
dock,screen porch,deck,larger inside
$350 per night
$1,750 per week
(Holiday Wkend
$400 per night)
$415 per night
$2,450 per week
$200 boat&mtr
with week rental
Premium 3 Bedroom Cottage 6 ppl
Private,waterfront,full kitchen. bath,
woodstove,bbq,canoe,satellite tv/dvd/vcr
dock,screen porch,deck,new,spoil yourself
$350 per night
$1,750 per week
(Holiday Wkend
$400 per night)
$420 per night
$2,550 per week
$200 boat&mtr
with week rental
Grand Muskokan 5 Bedroom 13 ppl
dream home,2.5 baths,laundry,fireplace,
cathedral ceiling,huge deck,private beach,
satellite tv/dvd/vcr,canoe, kayak,bbq
$800 per night
$3,500 per week
(Holiday Wkend
$1000 per night)
$1,000 per night
$4,500 per week
$200 boat&mtr
with week rental
Grand Muskokan 7 Bedroom 17 ppl
add the lower level walkout beneath GM,
kitchen,2 bdrms,gas fireplace, living room
full bath, large deck, bbq
$950 per night
$4,200 per week
(Holiday Wkend
$1,200 per night)
$1,450 per night
$5,950 per week
$200 boat&mtr
with week rental

Rental Rules and Specifics

In July & August, Peak Season, our larger units rent only by the week. (Early July or late August, we occasionally have an opening for less than a week).
Fri to Fri we rent Rosseau & Seguin 2 bdr inn suites & 2/5/7 bdr Grand Muskokan and Deluxe Cottage 6, a Deluxe.
Sat to Sat we rent Cottages 2-5.C 5 is a Premium;C2,3 & 4 are Super Deluxe
Sun to Sun we rent Cottages 7-10. C7,8 & 9 are Deluxes and C10 a Super Deluxe
May, June, Sept & Oct, the Off Season, we rent large units a min of 2 nights with exception of holiday weekends requiring a 3 night minimum. We do receive cancellations so occasionally, there is an opportunity for a last minute booking.

Junior and One Bedroom Inn Suites are available for a minimum 1 night off season on many nights with a 2 night minimum on summer weekends and 3 night minimums during the Holiday weekends of Canada Day, Civic Holiday and Labour Day. Sometimes we make exceptions especially closer to the date. Please ask.

There is No Smoking in any of our cottages, inn suites, screened in porches, common area around the inn, common waterfront areas, beach, front deck of Georgian Suite, in the Rec Centre, etc. If you must smoke, please smoke in your car or take a walk away from guest areas and personally dispose of butts... not on our grounds. It is increasingly more difficult for smokers to mix with non smokers and our resort is no different. We side with the non smokers. It's best to know this before you book.

Dogs are allowed with Cottage Rentals but not with Inn Suite or Grand Muskokan rentals or around the inn or beach area. Please keep your pet around the 70 acres that we allow for and follow our pet rules.

$200 Boat and Motor rental special with weekly Cottage and Grand Muskokan summer rentals are predicated upon an Adult member operator of the boat receiving instruction and signing a Rental Boat Safety Checklist which we will provide at no charge. Regular Boat and Motor rental fee is $350 per week. We do recommend that renters receive a Boat Operator License which can be obtained from for a fee. Boats may only be operated by Adults over 21 or Boat Operator licensed persons older than 18. Each person who will be operating the boat must sign a Rental Boat Safety Checklist.

Boat and Motor rental available by the day or week. 14' Aluminum Boat/8hp motor. Daily rate is $75 and weekly rate is $350 with both rates including a full tank of gas. A daily renter must pay for gasoline if he rents again in the same week. All boats must be returned to our main docks by 5pm on the day prior to your departure. Our rates are inexpensive compared to any marina's rentals. We know of no other marina that rents a boat for less than $100/day and all marinas charge extra for gas.

Also available for rent, 14' Lund with 20hp motor, $100/day, $500/week
20' Luxury Pontoon with 50hp motor, $175/4 hours, $200/day, $500/3 days, $900/week. Gas extra in the pontoon.

There are no other fees to use the amenities at Sunny Point. Canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, rowboats, paddleboards, mini golf, playground, tennis, basketball, volleyball, horse shoe pit, badminton, ping pong, air hockey, shuffleboard, movies, library books etc are all free. There are some coin operated video games and a billiards table in the rec centre. We do sell worms, water and ice.

All rates are subject to HST.

All reservations require a deposit with a Visa, Mastercard or email transfer in the amount of $150 - Junior and 1 Bedroom Suites; $200 - two Bedroom Suites; $300 - Cottages; $500 - Grand Muskokan. A unit is not firm until a deposit is received. Balance is due and payable only by Visa, Mastercard, Debit or Cash when you arrive. Payment by email transfer may be arranged prior to arrival. We prefer that you not present the luxury reward credit cards like an "Infinity Visa". Of course, we will accept them but please understand our processing fees sometimes double when a guest presents for payment a high end reward cards.

Deposit Policy - No one likes to cancel a reservation. However, we depend upon sell outs especially in the peak season. A late cancellation makes impossible renting a cottage which 60 days earlier could have been rented a dozen times. We reserve the right to withold all deposit amounts until your rented unit re-rents, if you cancel within 30 days of your stay, and, 50% of your deposit if you cancel more than 30 days from your stay. In practice, we seldom keep any deposits. We work very hard to fill your cancelled space. Please consider a rental to be firm when placed.

Not Allowed. We pride ourselves at Sunny Point in being among the finest Housekeeping resorts in Ontario. Very few HK resorts provide as much space between cottages. The privacy, peace and quiet that results is a primary reason for many of our guests to continue to return. We like it this way. This means that disruptive and loud noises such as loud parties, boom boxes, mp3 players with speakers, fireworks, jet skis, continously barking dogs, overcrowding or anything similar is simply not allowed.
We understand that this is accepted elsewhere. We respectfully request that you visit there if any of this is a necessary part of your vacation.There is no alcohol permitted at the beach, rec centre, main docks or in any boat or canoe.

There are no campfires permitted on our property at any time. In 2004, we lost a cottage to a fire. Our insurance company will simply not allow it and neither will we. In 2013 another resort in Parry Sound was lost completely to a fire and in May 2014 a local hotel was consumed by fire. We take fire safety very seriously at Sunny Point. There is a working smoke alarm and fire extinguisher in every cottage; there is a smoke alarm, fire extinguisher and heat sensor in every inn suite. Sometimes burnt toast sets off the inn smoke alarms. It's annoying but consider what the alternative could be.

All cotttages and two inn suites have wood stoves. Please ask for instruction if you are unfamiliar with lighting. Making a fire in the wood stove will provide significant warmth for your cottage and we encourage you to use it if you are planning to be awake and in the cottage for hours. The fireplaces in the Blue Heron, Georgian and Junior Suites are attractive but not functional.

Pet Friendly. Up to 2 well behaved dogs from friendly breeds are always a welcome addition at Sunny Point in our Cottages but not in the inn. Please see our Pet Policy page for complete details. Insurance company supplies a list of "dangerous" breeds. We simply follow it.

Your inn suite or cottage comes fully equipped. All you really need to bring is your food, bottled water-if you prefer, beach towels and appropriate clothing. Please see our What to Bring page for a complete list of what we provide and what we do not. The Frequently Asked Questions page is also helpful. Of course, you can always send us an email or call us. We wish for you to be completely prepared for what we have and what you may need so your stay is just hours & hours of nonstop fun and relaxation!

Maximum Occupancies - Rates are by the unit up to a maximum number of guests. A person, regardless of age, is a guest. With very rare resort approval, a group may add 1 or 2 additional guests beyond the maximums at a rate of $25 per day or $100 per week. Maximum occupancies for each unit are given next to each unit description above on the rate card. Guests of Cottage or Suite occupants are only allowed to the maximum number allowed in that unit. In other words, a 3 bedroom cottage has an occupancy of 6 people. If 4 people are staying at the cottage, only 2 day guests, (non sleeping guests), are permitted and are subject to a $10 per day fee. Guests may not bring a trailer or set up a tent outside their cottage. It doesn't matter to us if you are used to having overflow people sleep on the sofa. We provide a very quiet, private experience up North. Many times at full occupancy our guests ask us if many units are vacant. That's exactly how we want our guests to feel. Please do not bring more than the maximum number of guests. We will ask you to leave.

Please respect our check in and check out times. The Northern Ontario Tourism model doesn't allow us to employ a large number of staff. We really need you to adhere to the check out time in order for us to turn over our rented units for our next guests coming in within hours of your leaving. When possible,we will extend check outs up to Noon, at our discretion, for Inn Suites, $50; for 2 bdrm Inn Suites, $75; for Cottages, $100; for the Grand Muskokan $200. In the summer especially this is almost never possible.

Our 84 acre property is on the typical hilly Northern Ontario Canadian Shield. If your mobility is restricted, you should consider that there are steps everywhere. From the inn to the waterfront, from each cottage to the water, etc. It's amazing to us that when we purchased in 2002, there were only three very uneven sets of steps in the entire resort!! It's much different today. We have built steps at every cottage to the lake. However, it doesn't change the terrain. Consider this when making a reservation.

We present our cottages and inn suites to our guests in as clean a condition as we can and, we are told, beyond many guest's expectations. We try very hard to do this. It is with the wonderful consideration of our guests that almost always we can get our turn over completed before the next group of guests arrive. Please keep this in mind as you prepare to leave. We appreciate your help in leaving us a tidy, (not cleaned, tidy), unit with no personal belongings, garbage or recycling left behind.

We are a family owned resort. We represent ourselves as such; not the Hyatt, but, with all things considered, among the finest pet friendly cottage resorts anywhere. We operate Sunny Point as our retirement business... not for the money. Most of the profits, in any event, go back into improvements, year after year. We consider Sunny Point to be the most fun that work can be. We will do our best to make your vacation as relaxing as we can. But, in the end, please keep in mind, it is mostly just Sue, Andy, our property manager Paul and a few other employees working hard, but enjoying, trying to making your time away a memorable experience on this enormous 80 acre property with over a dozen buildings. We do not offer 24 hour office or concierge service. We start early and after dinner need to rest. If your expectation is someone is always at the desk we are very sorry but we cannot deliver this although the 800 number is almost always answered 8am-8pm. We attend to problems as fast as possible but not likely after working hours unless an extreme inconvenience.

From our prior career as Landlords of many apartments, we learned the best experience for both us and our tenants came from great communication up front prior to a rental. After reading all of this, if you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact us immediately and we will provide you a full refund of your deposit if you made one. If you have a question, please contact us. If, you are thinking, this is very much common sense and is the kind of vacation place you were hoping to find, welcome aboard. We look forward to accommodating you!

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